What It’s All About

“Once when Jacob was cooking some stew, Esau came in from the open country, famished.  He said to Jacob, ‘Quick, let me have some of that red stew!  I’m famished!’  Jacob replied, ‘First sell me your birthright.’  ‘Look, I am about to die,’ Esau said.  ‘What good is the birthright to me?’  But Jacob said, ‘Swear to me first.’  So he swore an oath to him, selling his birthright to Jacob.  Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil stew.  He ate and drank, and then got up and left.  So Esau despised his birthright.”  Genesis 25:29-34

I heard a commentary about this story above, and it got me thinking about my life.  I’ve been chewing on it for a couple months now and a few nights ago decided to start this blog with my focus as how we as a generation are constantly selling our future for temporary gain.  The morning after I decided to start this, I heard the exact same commentary, so I decided I had better get on it!

My goal was initially to blog every day just about my observations in my own life dealing with food and how I continue to choose a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie over losing another pound and stepping into the best that God has for me.  Then it hit me.  It’s not just food for me.  It’s how I spend my money, how I do my job, how I treat other people and how I walk with God.  Every day I would bet that there is some way that I wouldn’t normally pay attention to that I hurt myself or someone or God by the way I would rather take temporary satisfaction versus stepping into the blessings from God for my father and my father’s father and so on.

I haven’t done a ton of studying yet on what a birthright meant back in those days, but I do know it was VERY important and to just sell your birthright to your brother for a bowl of soup was a pretty big deal.  I’m hoping to be able to dig into that to give us a little insight into the world back then and help us to see exactly what we’re giving up when we make these silly compromises.

I’m also hoping to bring in a couple of people to help me with this blog.  I would love to be able to write something on here every night, but I know my limitations, and there are just some nights that I wouldn’t be able to do that.  I’m hoping, too, that with these extra voices we’ll be able to have some very good discussion on what God is teaching us through this Esau Project as I like to call it.  I hope you will read, enjoy and join in on our discussions and offer any opinions that you may have.  Also, if you find yourself making these same compromises, just let us know, and we’ll offer up prayers for you.  You are important to us.  We love because we are called to love and we serve because we are called to serve.  My heart for this blog is to help anyone who reads this step into the very best that God has for you because I believe that this is a generation that will do great things if only we allow God to steer our lives towards His very best for us.  I hope you’ll take this journey with me.


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