Riding out the storm…

I’ts 1:30 a.m. and I’m just sitting here waiting for the storm to hit.  They say it’s going to be a bad one.  Right now it’s raining and blowing.  Tornado warnings are out, and I’m watching the radar.  For now it just seems like it’s just lots of thunder, lightening and rain.  Oh, and wind.  It’s times like these living in a trailer isn’t too fun.  I’d like to be about a mile up the road in my parents’ nice basement where I can’t hear anything going on, but for now I’ll just sit here and listen to every drop of rain that hits the roof and be thankful that I’m in a warm, dry place.  My power’s off, so I hope that it comes back on at some point in the next several hours so everything in my fridge doesn’t go bad.

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with storms.  I love sitting and listening to them when I know they’re not going to bad and I know I’m safe.  I hate sitting in my bedroom in complete darkness except the glare of the laptop screen not knowing what in the world is going on out there.  At least there’s laptops now and wireless modems and radar maps.

Don’t you wish that life sometimes came with a radar map?  Hey, Tuesday isn’t going to be a very good day.  You’ve got stupid people warnings out until 5 p.m.  They’re going to swarm you and suck the life right out of you.  Friday is going to be beautiful, so don’t let the stupid people of Tuesday invade your day.  Maybe you should take the day off and just avoid all chances for the idiot invasion.  Next Wednesday?  Yeah, something might rock your world.  You may never be the same.  Life as you know it will end and a new life will begin.  But then again, it may not.  Could be good, could be bad.  Who knows?  It’s just a warning.   It might not even happen.

There have been times when a warning of what was coming would have been nice.  Sometimes things that happen are just an annoyance, and sometimes they just knock the wind out of you and you feel like there’s no way you’re ever going to get back up.  But then there are the things that surprise the hell out of you…in a good way.

I don’t know, though.  If I knew what was coming up in my life, would I spend all my time waiting and preparing for the few events that I could see a few days in advance, or would I actually enjoy every minute of my life up until whatever storm it is hits?

Getting pretty tired now, but I think I’m pretty okay with the way things are.  I love good surprises, and I hate bad things that happen.  But I guess, in a sense, we do have a warning about the bad times.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33

In this verse two things are guaranteed.  I’m gonna have some hard times.  Yep.  I’m going to do stupid things that mess things up for me, and other people are going to do stupid things that screw it all up.   The great thing about it is is that I do have a radar map.  If I’m in the Word, I’m going to be prepared for all the yucky stuff that comes my way, and I’ll be able to rejoice in the good.  I don’t want to live my life out of fear of the next big thing.  I really just want to live my life.

The second guarantee is my favorite, though.  “But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”  God’s going to take care of me through the good, bad and/or ugly.

Awesome.  It’s nice to have someone to walk through things with you.  Plus, He’s already fought the battle for us.  He’s already won.  He’s just there to help us through.

I have a feeling tomorrow I’m going to be pretty exhausted.  Gonna try to rest in Him who has overcome the world and welcome the good, the bad and the ugly.  Sitting through tornadoes, walkin’ on sunshine tomorrow…I hope so!!


About Julie

I'm just a girl struggling to find my place in this world like everyone else. Everywhere I look in my life and the lives of those I love I see God's love, whether it's in good times or bad. God's grace is here, it's amazing and He is totally in love with us!
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